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Hajra Khan serves up justice in the courtroom and kitchen

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Hajra Khan knows how to serve up justice. As a lawyer and baker, she opened Just Us Cupcakes in 2017 as a way to honor her Muslim heritage and that of others in the Denver metro area. Plus, her business serves as an outlet to wholeheartedly unleash her creative side. 

In the world of custom cakes and edible creations, Khan has seen vast underrepresentation of women like herself leading the pack. On top of a lacking display of diverse cultural holiday treats, she feels that food media is notorious for gatekeeping creators of color from social platforms. Though, looking ahead, she says that norm is slowly being dismantled.  

“When we think of a baker in the traditional sense, we tend to think of someone who looks like a Southern Belle or a white, Midwestern woman,” Khan said. “There are so many more people in the baking industry beyond that—people with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.”

Just Us Cupcakes celebrates World Hijab Day each year with Khan’s Hijabi cookies, and this year was no exception. With Muslims all over the world…

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